2 Man Kayaking Hawaiian Islands…

When we came across this video, we thought it would be like anything else, of course. Not even a minute into it and we got the chills….. and a serious craving to book a ticket to Hawaii and go kayaking.

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Top Ten 2 Man Kayaks Of 2016!

Kayaking is as trendy as paddle boarding without the added stress of needing to be balanced. For those of us who aren’t particularly centered, but still like to spend a day cruising on the water, kayaking is the perfect solution. What’s better than an afternoon spent on a lake? An afternoon spent on a lake with a friend, thus the tandem kayak was born. Ideal for families, friends, couples and everything in between, the 2 man kayak has become a staple of outdoor water exploration.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own tandem kayak and don’t know where to start, here are our top ten picks of the latest and greatest tandem kayaks:

1. Pelican Alliance 136T

pelican alliance tandem kayak
The Pelican Alliance 136T is the number one rated 2 man kayak. This kayak is just under 65 pounds and comes with an adjustable padded backrest, adjustable foot pegs, a storage hatch, elastic bungee cord, cockpit table and bottle holders. What sets this kayak apart from the rest is the multi-chine flat bottom hull platform that allows for incredible stability, while also reducing drag. This is an excellent kayak for beginners since it is sturdy and built for comfort.

2. Sea Eagle Fast Track Pro

sea eagle pro
The Sea Eagle Fast Track Pro is an inflatable tandem kayak and most famous for being lightweight. While the average kayak is 65 to 70 pounds, the Sea Eagle Fast Tracks are 32 and 38 pounds. These kayaks inflate within 7 minutes and can be packed away conveniently offering stow-able portability. Sea Eagle Fast Track Pro is also built for speed, with the patented NeedleKnife Keel, creating a faster paddling experience. It is a kayak that is specially built for those looking for a wild outdoor experience without giving away any other functionality features of a standard kayak.

3. AIRE Tributary Tomcat

tomcat tandem
The AIRE Tributary Tomcat is also inflatable, weighing 42 pounds. This kayak comes with two inflatable seats, that can be removed should you decide to do a solo kayaking trip. This AIRE model has a new PVC outer shell that makes it more resistant to abrasions and tears, and provides bow and stern covers to dispel the splashing for a drier ride. The new design features a mesh drain system, flip handles, welded seams and updated bow, adjustable seats and foot rests, and stern dodgers.

4. Old Town Twin Heron

heron twin
The Old Town Twin Heron is uniquely built as a 2 man kayak, with the added capability of being able to function with one rider as well. The three layer Auto Trim Hull is designed in such a way that when riding solo the bow doesn’t pop up, allowing for a versatile ride. This kayak weighs 60 pounds and comes with a removable front seat, Glide Track foot brace system, adjustable seat and tough skid plate to add long lasting performance.

5. Advanced Elements AE1007

advancedframe convertible-kayak
The Advanced Elements AE1007 is a convertible kayak best used for daytime expedition touring. This kayak has an open deck, allowing for an easy entrance and exit, but can also quickly be converted into a closed deck style. The AE1007 has three layers to thwart punctures, as well as built-in aluminum ribs in the bow and stern for better tracking. The design is created for comfort, durability and for easy set up, making it a favorite among kayakers.

6. Aquaglide Chinook

2 person chinook
The Aquaglide Chinook is an inflatable kayak model created with recreational riders in mind. The floor of the kayak is made of an inflatable chamber that creates PVC beam. This is coupled with the Duratex material for the hull, creating a stiff and durable tandem kayak. Other comforts are included such as high backrests, storage pockets, adjustable seat and foot hold system and a special place to store your fishing rods. Weighing in at a mere 29 pounds this kayak is one of the most lightweight and affordable options on the list at $449.95.

7. Ocean Kayak 12 Malibu Two

ocean kayak
The Ocean Kayak 12 Malibu Two is one of the most popular sit-on-top style tandem kayaks recommended for advanced riders. It features two seat backs, three molded-in seats, straps for your gear, patented overlapping foot wells, side carrying handles, a hull and deck designed to allow for stacking of multiple hullls and a skid plate. This kayak is 57 pounds, stable and versatile with up to three Round Gaspachi Hatch options.

8. Lifetime Manta

lifetime manta green
The Lifetime Manta is another sit on top kayak that can actually seat up to three people comfortably and is designed to be almost impossible to flip over. This kayak has multiple footrest options to account for different sized riders, carrying handles on both sides, two soft backrests and two double-sided paddles. Built-in features include contoured seats, forward cargo area, fishing pole holders, paddle cradles and a mast receiver receptacle. The Lifetime Manta is great for families who enjoy exploring the great outdoors.

9. Advanced Elements Lagoon 2

advanced elements lagoon2
The Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 is an all-purpose tandem kayak that can take on the ocean, rivers, lakes and anywhere else you’d care to ride. This kayak is also ideal for longer trips, with high support seats and a hull designed with a landing plate and tracking fin for increased performance. Features include handles, spring valve, bungee deck lacing, rigid bow and stern, rip-stop fabric, inner tube cover and a durable fabric cover.

10. Coleman Colorado

The Coleman Colorado is an inflatable tandem kayak specifically designed for fishing trips. Being one of the best inflatable kayak options, it is very lightweight and easy to store. The material is sturdy enough to handle rough terrain and offers enough storage space for holding your catch of the day or gear. It also features trolling motor fittings, adjustable sears, pressure gauge and rod holders.
coleman colorado 2 man kayak

Off You GO!

Kayaking has risen in popularity over the years, making the demand for the best models greater than ever. The newest models are becoming more and more advanced with design renovations that enhance the rider’s experience. There are now hundreds of options, meaning that the seasoned rider who goes fishing every morning, and the novice who goes on a camping trip once a year, both have affordable custom kayaks to meet their needs. From the lightweight, versatile, and inflatable to the heavy-duty, durable and technologically enhanced, there is a kayak on this list for everyone.

How To Maneuver A Tandem Kayak

Are you a novice when it comes to tandem kayaking?  Well, this friendly and quick video shows you how tandem kayaking works and how to paddle together well, so you can steer your kayak safely and have fun.

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